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Adelaide Football Club - Crows History Locker

Adelaide first took part in an AFL draft during the 1992 season – its second year in the competition.  

Former Glenelg forward Jim West was the Crows’ opening selection at the AFL’s mid-season draft after he had been released by Sydney, where he played 37 AFL games from 1990. Next pick was Victorian Andrew Geddes, the first listed Crow to have never been involved in the SANFL, and then former West Torrens defender Alan Schwartz (let go by Essendon).

A draft moratorium on SANFL players ended late in 1992 but Adelaide picked five SA teenagers at the national draft, starting with 17-year-old Martin McKinnon from Central District.

It was another two years before Adelaide first dipped into the Victorian talent pool, when it selected Allen Nash and Matthew Collins, both 17, in the national draft.


Adelaide’s recruiting concessions allowed it to pick eight SA players before the start of the 1992 season. It selected Mark Ricciuto, Sean Wellman, Anthony Ingerson, Mark Viska, Tony Modra, Seb Packer, Chris Groom and Michael DiBiase.          

Mid-season      pick 6           WEST, Jim                                    from Sydney (AFL)    

Mid-season      21         GEDDES, Andrew                       Strathmerton (VCFL)

Mid-season      32         SCHWARTZ, Alan                       Essendon (AFL)

National            26         McKINNON, Martin                   Central District (SANFL)

National            41         FOGDEN, Brooke                        West Adelaide (SANFL)

National            56         POWELL, Matthew                     South Adelaide (SANFL)

National            86         SMART, Sam                                Norwood (SANFL)

National            116       GODDEN, Michael                      West Adelaide (SANFL)


Pre-season       11         WAKELIN, Darryl                         Port Adelaide (SANFL)

Pre-season       27         MAIL, Joshua                               North Adelaide (SANFL)

Pre-season       41         PESCH, Nick                                 Eagles (SANFL)

Pre-season       55         PEDLER, Simon                           Port Adelaide (SANFL)

Mid-season      8           PERKINS, Tim                              North Adelaide (SANFL)

National            44         WARRIOR, Eugene                     Port Adelaide (SANFL)


Pre-season       18         TONGERIE, Shane                       Central District (SANFL)

Pre-season       31         KLUZEK, Matthew                      Eagles (SANFL)

National            27         KENNETT, Toby                           Sturt (SANFL)

National            31         NASH, Allen                                 Western U18

National            38         COLLINS, Matthew                     Northern U18

National            50         HIGGINS, Brett                            Port Adelaide (SANFL)


Pre-season       7           VARDY, Peter                               Central District (SANFL)

Pre-season       21         EDWARDS, Tyson                       West Adelaide (SANFL)

National            18         WILLIAMS, Brent                        Prahan U18

National            27         JOHNSON, Kane                         Eastern U18

National            45         HODGES, Scott               Port Adelaide (SANFL)

National            53         UGRINIC, Adam                          Eagles (SANFL)

National            70         FERNEE, Ashley                          Calder U18

Peter Vardy and Tyson Edwards


Pre-season       8           ELLEN, Shane                              Footscray (AFL)

Pre-season       18         GOODWIN, Simon                     South Adelaide (SANFL)

Pre-season       21         LOGAN, Brendan                        West Perth (WAFL)

National            13         GILLIGAN, Tom                           Dandenong-Southern U18

National            60         ECCLES, Andrew                         Northern U18

National            69         RINTOUL, Chad                           East Fremantle (WAFL)

National            76         DEMPSEY, Greg                           West Adelaide (SANFL)

National            86         PARKER, Ben                                Murray U18


National            17         PICIOANE, Lance                        Western U18

National            33         THIESSEN, James                        Norwood (SANFL)

National            49         PERRIE, Ian                                  East Perth (WAFL)

National            65         STEVENS, Linden                        Sturt (SANFL)


National            16         BURTON, Brett                            Eagles (SANFL)

National            29         STENGLEIN, Tyson                      Subiaco (WAFL)

National            32         GALLAGHER, David                    Prahan U18

National            34         BEINKE, Bryan                             Port Adelaide (SANFL)

National            48         HERBERT, Lucas                          North Adelaide (SANFL)

National            63         KIREY, Clint                                   East Fremantle (WAFL)

National            75         McGREGOR, Ken                        Eagles (SANFL)

National            80         ATKINSON, Brodie                      Sturt (SANFL)

Rookie Elevation          COOK, Sudjai                              

Rookie Elevation          MARSH, Ben                               


Pre-season       12         WINTLE, Darryl                           North Adelaide (SANFL)

National            36         BIGLANDS, Rhett                        Eagles (SANFL)

National            51         O’LOUGHLIN, Ricky                    Port Adelaide (SANFL)

National            65         CICOLELLA, Justin                       Eagles (SANFL)

National            67         SHIRLEY, Robert                          Eagles (SANFL)

National            79         SINGH, Balraj                               West Adelaide (SANFL)

National            83         SHIR, Matthew                            Murray U18

Rookie Elevation          GOLDING, Mathew                   

Rookie Elevation          HOWARD, Dean                         


Pre-season       4           BYRNE, James                           Glenelg (SANFL)

Pre-season       12         CROWELL, Andrew                    Eagles (SANFL)

National            7           ANGWIN, Laurence                   Dandenong U18

National            38         HANDBY, Michael                       Dandenong U18

National            48         SMITH, Matthew                        Oakleigh U18

National            53         SKIPWORTH, Hayden                Eagles (SANFL)

National            67         JOHNCOCK, Graham                  Port Adelaide (SANFL)

Rookie Elevation          BOWN, Stuart                            

Rookie Elevation          DOUGHTY, Michael                   


Pre-season       5           LADHAMS, Chris                         Essendon

Pre-season       12         RICHARDSON, Adam                 West Adelaide (SANFL)

National            12         REILLY, Brent                                Calder U18

National            44         FINNIN, Ben                                 Northern U18

National            59         SCHUBACK, Jacob                      Gippsland U18

Rookie Elevation          GALLAGHER, James                  


Pre-season       5           HENTSCHEL, Trent                     Eagles (SANFL)

National            32         JERICHO, Luke                             West Adelaide (SANFL)

National            56         SHIRLEY, Robert                          Adelaide (AFL)

National            68         BEGLEY, James                            St Kilda (AFL)

Rookie Elevation          BOCK, Nathan                            

Rookie Elevation          MATTNER, Martin                     

Rookie Elevation          RUTTEN, Ben                              


National            14         WATTS, Fergus                            Sandringham U18

National            31         KRUEGER, Joshua                       Glenelg (SANFL)

National            58         HUDSON, Ben                             Werribee (VFL)

Rookie Elevation          SKIPWORTH, Hayden               


National            8           MEESEN, John                           Geelong U18

National            24         VAN BERLO, Nathan                  West Perth (WAFL)

National            28         GIBSON, Chad                             Norwood (SANFL)

National            40         MARIC, Ivan                                 Calder U18

National            56         KNIGHTS, Chris                           Eastern U18

Rookie Elevation          SMITH, Matthew                        Oakleigh U18


National            16         DOUGLAS, Richard                     Calder U18

National            17         PFEIFFER, Darren                       Norwood (SANFL)

National            32         VINCE, Bernie                              Eagles (SANFL)

National            48         OBST, Alan                                   Central District (SANFL)

Rookie Elevation          GRIFFIN, Jonathon                    

Rookie Elevation          HINGE, John                              


Pre-season       9           PORPLYZIA, Jason                       West Adelaide (SANFL)

National            14         SELLAR, James                            Glenelg (SANFL)

National            32         TIPPETT, Kurt                               Southport (QAFL)

National            48         MACKAY, David                           Oakleigh U18

National            64         GILL, Nick                                     North Adelaide (SANFL)

National            78         CAMPBELL, Bryce                       Norwood (SANFL)


National        10             DANGERFIELD, Patrick               Geelong U18

National        27             OTTEN, Andy                               Oakleigh U18

National        30             JACKY, Jarrhan                            Subiaco (WAFL)

National        38             COOK, Myke                                Sandringham U18

National        58             ARMSTRONG, Tony                    NSW-ACT U18

National        71             KITE, Aaron                                  Calder U18

National            75         WALKER, Taylor                          NSW Scholarship rookie

Rookie Elev                    GALLMAN, Greg                        


National            10         DAVIS, Phil                                   North Adelaide (SANFL)

National            28         McKERNAN, Shaun                    Calder U18

National            44         SLOANE, Rory                              Eastern U18

National            60         LEE, Tom                                     Claremont (WAFL)

National            72         YOUNG, Will                                Nth Ballarat U18

Rookie Elevation          PETRENKO, Jared                       


National            13         TALIA, Daniel                               Calder U18

National            29         GUNSTON, Jack                          Sandringham U18

National            45         SHAW, Sam                                  Oakleigh U18

National            61         CRAIG, James                              North Adelaide (SANFL)

National            74RE    MARTIN, Brodie                         

Daniel Talia, at back


National            14         SMITH, Brodie                             Eagles (SANFL)

National            61         LYONS, Jarryd                              Sandringham U18

National            82RE    HENDERSON, Ricky                   

National            97RE    JAENSCH, Matthew                   

National            107RE     THOMPSON, Luke                  


National            27         KERRIDGE, Sam                          Bendigo U18

National            41         MITCHELL, Grigg                         Norwood (SANFL)

National            46         JOYCE, Nick                                  Eagles (SANFL)

National            64         ELLIS-YOLMEN, Cam                  Eagles (SANFL)

National            82RE    WRIGHT, Matthew                    

National            89RE    RILEY, Aidan                                


National            62         SIGGINS, Sam                              Lauderdale (Tas)

National            81         ATKINS, Rory                               Calder U18

National         95RE       CALLINAN, Ian                            


Pre-season       10        JOYCE, Nick                                  Adelaide, AFL

National            23        CROUCH, Matt                            Nth Ballarat U18

National            46        KNIGHT, Riley                               Eagles (SANFL)

National           76RE    HARTIGAN                                     

National           86RE    LAIRD, Rory                                   


National            14              LEVER, Jake                           Calder U18

National            35              WIGG, Harrison                     North Adelaide (SANFL)

National            43               McGOVERN, Mitch               Claremont (WAFL)

National            58               DEAR, Harry                          Sandringham U18)

Rookie Elevation                CAMERON, Charlie              


National             11               MILERA, Wayne          Central District (SANFL)

National             17               DOEDEE, Tom              Geelong U18

Rookie Elevation                  KELLY, Jake                    

Wayne Milera jnr


National            15                 GALLUCCI, Jordan       Eastern U18

National            44                 POHOLKE, Myles        Dandenong U18

National            51                 HIMMELBERG, Elliot       Redland (NEAFL)

National             63               SIGNORELLO, Matt      Northern U18

National             75               DAVIS, Ben                   University of NSW (NEAFL)

Rookie Elevation                  O’BRIEN, Reilly             


National            12         FOGARTY, Darcy                         Glenelg (SANFL)

National            40         McPHERSON, Andrew               Eagles (SANFL)

Rookie Elevation          GREENWOOD, Hugh                   

Rookie Elevation          KEATH, Alex                                

Mark Ricciuto with Darcy Fogarty


National            9           JONES, Chayce                               Launceston (TFL)

National            16         McHENRY, Ned                           Geelong U18

National            30         HAMILL, Will    `                          Dandenong U18

National            64         SHOLL, Lachlan                           Calder U18


National            6           McASEY, Fischer                          Sandringham U18 

National            24         SCHOENBERG, Harry                 Eagles (SANFL)

National            28         WORRELL, Josh                           Sandringham U18)

National            42         O’CONNOR, Ronin                     Claremont (WAFL)

National            48         GOLLANT, Lachlan                      Calder U18

Rookie Elevation          MURPHY, Lachlan                     


National            2           THILTHORPE, Riley                     West Adelaide  (SANFL)

National            11         PEDLAR, Luke                             Glenelg (SANFL)

National            25         COOK, Brayden                           South Adelaide (SANFL)

National            28         BERRY, Sam                                  Gippsland U18

National            48         ROWE, James                              Eagles (SANFL)

Pre-season       1           HATELY, Jackson                          GWS

Brayden Cook, Riley Thilthorpe and Luke Pedlar


National            6           RACHELE, Josh                             Murray U18

National            36         SOLIGO, Jake                              Eastern U18

National            44         TAYLOR, Zac                                 Calder U18

Pre-season       2           NANKERVIS, Luke                       Sandringham U18

Rookie elevation KEAYS, Ben


National            17         MICHALANNEY, Max f/s               Norwood (SANFL)

National            43         DOWLING, Billy                          North Adelaide (SANFL)

National            50         BOND, Hugh                                North Ballarat U18

Pre-season       2           NANKERVIS, Luke                       Sandringham U18

Rookie elevation          BUTTS, Jordon

Rookie elevation          STRACHAN, Kieran


National            8         CURTIN, Daniel                Claremont (WAFL)

National            21         EDWARDS, Charlie                          Sandringham U18

National            27         RYAN, Oscar                             Murray Bushrangers U18

Rookie elevation          MURRAY, Nick