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Adelaide Football Club - Crows History Locker

The Crows Club Champion award is earned by the season’s best and fairest player. Over the years the voting methods have changed at various times with coaching staff and match committee members involved in ranking the players and casting votes match by match. Regardless of the method used, invariably the award goes to the most deserving player for that particular year.

The overall winner is awarded the traditional and coveted Gold Jacket of Club Champion, and since 2002 been presented with the Malcolm Blight Medal and recognised as the Malcolm Blight Medallist.

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1991Mark MickanMark Mickan, Tony McGuinness, Nigel Smart, Andrew Jarman, Chris McDermott
1992Chris McDermottChris McDermott, Tony McGuinness, Mark Bickley, Shaun Rehn, Ben Hart
1993Tony McGuinnessTony McGuinness, Mark Bickley, Anthony Modra, Chris McDermott, Shaun Rehn
1994Shaun RehnShaun Rehn, Tony McGuinness, Mark Ricciuto, Rod Jameson, Chris McDermott
1995Matthew ConnellMatthew Connell, Andrew Jarman, Simon Tregenza, Nigel Smart, Rod Jameson
1996Matthew LiptakMatthew Liptak, Nigel Smart, Darren Jarman, Matthew Robran, Rod Jameson
1997Andrew McLeodAndrew McLeod, Darren Jarman, Mark Ricciuto, Ben Hart, Peter Caven
1998Mark RicciutoMark Ricciuto, Nigel Smart, Andrew McLeod, Shaun Rehn, Simon Goodwin
1999Ben HartBen Hart, Andrew McLeod, Nigel Smart, Mark Stevens, Mark Ricciuto
2000Simon GoodwinSimon Goodwin, Andrew McLeod, Mark Ricciuto, Tyson Edwards, Ben Hart
2001Andrew McLeod (2)Andrew McLeod, Mark Stevens, Ben Hart, Simon Goodwin, Tyson Stenglein
2002Ben Hart (2) Ben Hart, Tyson Edwards, Tyson Stenglein, Mark Stevens, Simon Goodwin
2003Mark Ricciuto (2)Mark Ricciuto, Tyson Edwards, Andrew McLeod, Mark Bickley, Graham Johncock
2004Mark Ricciuto (3)Mark Ricciuto, Tyson Stenglein, Tyson Edwards, Andrew McLeod, Graham Johncock
2005Simon Goodwin (2)Simon Goodwin, Nathan Bassett, Ben Rutten, Andrew McLeod, Tyson Edwards
2006Simon Goodwin (3)Simon Goodwin, Tyson Edwards, Graham Johncock, Andrew McLeod, Nathan Bassett
2007Andrew McLeod (3)Andrew McLeod, Simon Goodwin, Scott Thompson, Tyson Edwards, Ben Rutten
2008Nathan BockNathan Bock, Simon Goodwin, Scott Thompson, Tyson Edwards, Michael Doughty
2009Bernie VinceBernie Vince, Jason Porplyzia, Simon Goodwin, Michael Doughty, Graham Johncock
2010Richard DouglasRichard Douglas, Scott Thompson, Michael Doughty, Brent Reilly, Graham Johncock
2011Scott ThompsonScott Thompson, Nathan van Berlo, Graham Johncock, Ben Rutten, Patrick Dangerfield
2012Scott Thompson (2)Scott Thompson, Patrick Dangerfield, Rory Sloane, Sam Jacobs, Taylor Walker
2013Rory SloaneRory Sloane, Richard Douglas, Patrick Dangerfield, Daniel Talia, Andy Otten
2014Daniel TaliaDaniel Talia, Rory Sloane, Patrick Dangerfield, Brodie Smith, Sam Jacobs
2015Patrick DangerfieldPatrick Dangerfield, Rory Laird, Eddie Betts, Sam Jacobs, Taylor Walker
2016Rory Sloane (2)Rory Sloane, Eddie Betts, Tom Lynch, Daniel Talia, Taylor Walker
2017Matt CrouchMatt Crouch, Rory Sloane, Rory Laird, Sam Jacobs, Richard Douglas
2018Rory LairdRory Laird, Matt Crouch, Josh Jenkins, Bryce Gibbs, Hugh Greenwood
2019Brad CrouchBrad Crouch, Rory Sloane, Rory Laird, Matt Crouch, Brodie Smith
2020Reilly O’BrienReilly O’Brien, Rory Laird, Luke Brown, Matt Crouch, Ben Keays
2021Rory Laird (2)Rory Laird, Ben Keays, Paul Seedsman, Taylor Walker, Reilly O’Brien
2022Rory Laird (3)Rory Laird, Jordan Dawson, Ben Keays, Taylor Walker, Brodie Smith
2023Jordan DawsonJordan Dawson, Rory Laird, Taylor Walker, Izak Rankine, Mitch Hinge