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Adelaide Football Club - Crows History Locker

These are all the players who have played at least one AFL game for the Adelaide Football Club.

Apart from the first 20 players listed – who all played in Adelaide’s first AFL game in 1991 – the names appear in the order they debuted for the Club. It could be argued that all of those who played in the Club’s first game in 1991 should all be given a symbolic Number 1 but it was decided to award this to the captain, Chris McDermott, and number 2 to his deputy, Tony McGuinness. The rest of the first team were given the numbers 3 to 20 in order of their playing (guernsey) number. There have been some inconsistencies with the debut order used by the club at different times. But in this Crows History Locker list, if two or more players played their first game on the same day they have been allocated a number according to alphabetical order of surname.

Click on past players’ names below to read their full profiles.