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Adelaide Football Club - Crows History Locker

The Club retains the complete set of framed jumpers that were worn in the its first game for Premiership points. They are seen to be an important component in the history and culture of the Club. Being a newly established relatively new club it was something it was able to do much to the envy of other older AFL clubs which hadn’t been able or had the foresight to do.

Back Row: R Maynard (18) T Warhurst (44) P McIntyre (23) J Klug (20) N Smart (7) R Thompson (41)

Middle Row: B Lindsay (32) A Jarman (2) S Tregenza (12) R Jameson (35) B Lindner (9) S Lee (13) D Hart (3)

Front Row: E Hocking (8) T McGuinness (11) M Taylor G Cornes C McDermott (10) G Fielke (30) D Marshall (16)