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Adelaide Football Club - Crows History Locker

Adelaide’s original AFL jumper design has stood the test of time since it was created in a rush in late 1990.

But even if the navy blue, red and gold hooped main jumper is counted as one style, it has been through a series of changes in the past three decades. There have been different collars, number size and font, fabric, sponsors, manufacturer template, fit, and the shape and width of the horizontal red, gold and blue stripes and hoops.

In the early years, numbers and badges were sewn on to the jumpers, made of wool? neas

Adelaide wore the guernsey with navy blue or white shorts in every premiership game or final for the first eight seasons. Even after a new away/clash jumper was first used by the Crows in 1999, the main guernsey remained the Club’s preferred choice for as many games as possible.

Only occasional special event guernseys have replaced the main jumper in home games.


Created in the Adelaide Football Club’s first few weeks, the AFL jumper was launched in November 1990 at the same time as the name and logo. A range of colour combinations was considered by the Club’s interim board but it was eventually agreed to finalise a design using the State colours of navy blue, red and gold. Simon Tregenza was the player chosen to model the oufit at the launch. Numbers and badges were sewn on to the jumpers.

Andrew Jarman asked to wear a long-sleeved guernsey with a collar and this was hurriedly made in time for the first season. The AFC has a set of framed jumpers of the first 20 players to represent the Crows.

Mark Mickan in the 1991 Crows jumper; Rodney Maynard and Tom Warhurst; Simon Tregenza at the media launch.


The AFL and Camry (Toyoto) logos were on the front blue panel from the start but there was no sponsor name on the back until 1995, one season after the AFL allowed clubs to have a sponsor below the numbers.

Tony McGuinness’ 1995 Crows jumper; Andrew Jarman enjoys a win.


The gold numbers were first outlined in white for the 1996 season, when the AFL celebrated its centenary.

Tony McGuinness, David Pittman; Darren Jarman and brother Andrew in 1996.


Adidas had its name first appear on the front of the jumper in 1997, when Adelaide won its first AFL premiership. The Crows wore white shorts in the grand final.

Shaun Rehn, Darren Jarman; Brett Chalmers, Mark Ricciuto, Peter Vardy, Nigel Smart, Tony Modra, Darren Jarman, Andrew McLeod and Rehn after a win at the MCG.


The Adidas logo changed on the front and the Toyota logo was added next to the word Toyota on the back. Adelaide once again wore white shorts in the AFL grand final.

Mark Bickley in 1998; Troy Bond in a 1999 Showdown; Coach Malcolm Blight addresses the players at the SCG in 1998.


A new AFL logo was the main change on the home jumper in 2000, although it was the first season for the polyester version.

Peter Vardy and Simon Goodwin; Crows players run through the banner before a game at Football Park in 2000.


Fila took over as the new apparel supplier in 2001 with both the home and clash jumpers featuring a new neckline and shiny look. The Crows wore their main guernsey, with white shorts, in the elimination final against Carlton at the MCG.

Tyson Edwards, Matthew Robran; Andrew McLeod, Mark Ricciuto, Nigel Smart, Edwards, Evan Hewitt, Darren Jarman, Ricky O’Loughlin and Rhett Biglands after a home win in 2001.


The main jumper was worn in all three finals.

Brett Burton; Simon Goodwin (36) and Matthew Clarke; Kane Johnson, Rhett Biglands, Kris Massie and Clarke sing the club song after defeating Essendon.


The arrival of Russell Athletic led to another change of neckline style in 2003.

Jason Torney; Simon Goodwin (36) and Andrew McLeod; Mark Ricciuto celebrates a win in 2003 with James Gallagher (21), James Begley (28) and Michael Doughty.


There was another collar change in 2004 with the Russell Athletic logo moving to below the collar block.

Scott Welsh and Mark Ricciuto (32) in the 2004 jumper; Nigel Smart is congratulated by team mates Nathan Bassett and Andrew McLeod after playing his final game, at AAMI Stadium.


A slight change to the front Toyota badge differentiates the 2005 jumper from the previous season.

2005 jumper of Rhett Biglands; Nathan Bock, Goodwin, Luke Jericho, Martin Mattner and Ben Hudson after a win in 2005.


Adidas returned to partner the Crows in 2006 and there were some major changes to the jumpers. Blue side panels were added to the home jumper, splitting the lower hoops, and the gold sleeve cuff was also removed.

2006 jumper; Tyson Edwards (9); Scott Welsh with Robert Shirley and Jason Porplyzia after winning the AFL Second Qualifying Final in 2006.


The Club pushed to wear the main guernsey in more interstate matches and this was allowed in three games in 2007. This was the first year the AFL logo appeared on the bottom of each number.

Mark Ricciuto; Andrew McLeod; Michael Doughty, Nathan Bassett, Jonathon Griffin and Kris Massie at Carrara.


Simon Goodwin and the 2008 guernsey; Crows players celebrate winning the round three Showdown.


A gold bib was added at the collar of the home guernsey, gold sleeve cuffs returned, the top red stripe on the back (below the number) was replaced by a thin, red curved line, and the side panel blue was not as prominent from the front.

The 2009 jumper, Chris Knights (21); Andrew McLeod, Andy Otten and Nathan Bock after a win over Hawthorn.



Reebok was the new supplier, leading to another change of guernsey template. The red band returned to the back of the main guernsey below the number and sponsor badge.

Rory Sloane and Jason Porplyzia (40); Andrew McLeod, Phil Davis, Graham Johncock, Brad Symes and Richard Douglas celebrate a win over Geelong.


Ian Callinan; Taylor Walker (13); Daniel Talia, Ian Callinan and Michael Doughty in the circle after a win against Sydney at AAMI Stadium.


The Toyota name was red on the sponsor spots, front and back, on both home and away jumpers, and for the first time was not on a white badge.

Jason Porplyzia and Patrick Dangerfield; Rick Henderson, Shaun McKernan, Taylor Walker, Jarryd Lyons and Nathan van Berlo after a 2012 win at the SCG.


Puma was the new supplier in 2013, with a new template. It was the first season with the Crows logo watermarked across the jumper.

Scott Thompson and Andy Otten; Brad Crouch, Ben Rutten, Rory Sloane and Daniel Talia after a win against Geelong in 2013.


There was a slight change to the collar, with the Puma logo dropping below the front of the collar.

The 2014 jumper; James Podsiadly, Tom Lynch, Luke Thompson and Eddie Betts after a Showdown win in 2014.


BLK took over as the supplier for the 2015 season. To recognise the Club’s 25th season there was a logo above the numbers. After the death of senior coach Phil Walsh in July 2015, the initials PW were added to the back of the collar in his memory.

2015 jumper; Taylor Walker, Eddie Betts and Matthew Wright during the 2015 match against St Kilda at Adelaide Oval.


The full hoops returned as Adelaide refreshed its set of jumpers. For the first time since 2005, the bands at the bottom continued around the main jumper.

Rory Sloane and Rory Atkins; Eddie Betts celebrates a goal with Charlie Cameron and Tom Lynch during the 2016 First Elimination Final at Adelaide Oval.


Another change of supplier (to ISC) and another different collar template, with gold added to the shoulders of the home jumper and the front of the collar being navy blue. Toyota had the option to use two different sponsorship badges on the back of the main guernsey, opting for the Toyota logo and C-HR. Adelaide wore its main jumper, with blue shorts, in all three finals.

Daniel Talia in the 2017 guernsey; Adelaide enters Adelaide Oval for the preliminary final against Geelong.


Another change of collar, with the gold trim continuing around the front. The main guernsey was worn in only one interstate game, against Sydney.

Matt Crouch, Hugh Greenwood; Wayne Milera, Luke Brown, Tom Doedee, Rory Sloane and Lachlan Murphy.


For the first time since a sponsor name appeared on the back of the jumpers in 1995, major partner Toyota allowed the Crows to offer the position to another sponsor, Optus. Adelaide wore its main jumper in three interstate games against Sydney, Geelong and West Coast.

Rory Sloane; Darcy Fogarty and Richard Douglas during the 2019 season.


The Crows logo above the number was replaced with a sponsor logo when the competition resumed from the COVID break for round two.

2020 home jumper; Luke Brown (16); Crows players leave Adelaide Oval after a win against GWS Giants.


A new apparel deal with O’Neills started for the 2021 season. The names of the 238 Crows AFL players of the first 30 seasons were embedded on the guernsey and the white outline on the numbers was removed on the main guernsey for the first time since 1995. There were no Crows logo watermarks.

The 2021 main jumper; Sam Berry; The Crows after defeating Hawthorn at Marvel Stadium.


The main jumper had a change to the collar with a blue strip at the front, there were new sponsor patches on the back and no watermarks. 

Rory Laird models the 2022 guernsey; Chayce Jones and Harry Schoenberg; The Crows after defeating West Coast in 2023.