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Adelaide Football Club - Crows History Locker

The Leading Goalkicker award has been presented every year since the Club’s inaugural AFL season.

Current Crow Taylor Walker has won the award a club record seven times. He kicked a career-best 76 goals in the 2023 season.

Tony Modra won the award in five consecutive seasons. He kicked a club record 129 goals in the 1993 season and won the AFL’s John Coleman Medal in 1997.

Scott Welsh and Eddie Betts were four-time winners and Darren Jarman was a three-time leading goalkicker.

Rod Jameson was the inaugural winner in 1991.

1991Rodney Jameson (49 goals)
1992Scott Hodges (48)
1993Tony Modra (129)
1994Tony Modra (70)
1995Tony Modra (42)
1996Tony Modra (75)
1997Tony Modra (84)
1998Darren Jarman (45)
1999Darren Jarman (58)
2000Scott Welsh (47)
2001Darren Jarman (40)
2002Brett Burton (51)
2003Graham Johncock (30)
2004Scott Welsh (36)
2005Scott Welsh (58)
2006Mark Ricciuto (44)
2007Scott Welsh (49)
2008Brett Burton (34)
2009Jason Porplyzia (57)
2010Kurt Tippett (46)
2011Taylor Walker (36)
2012Taylor Walker (63)
2013Tom Lynch (33)
2014Eddie Betts (51)
2015Eddie Betts (63)
2016Eddie Betts (75)
2017Eddie Betts (55)
2018Josh Jenkins (46)
2019Taylor Walker (43)
2020Taylor Walker (15)
2021Taylor Walker (48)
2022Taylor Walker (47)
2023Taylor Walker (76)