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Adelaide Football Club - Crows History Locker

2000Hammond AM, Robert* Inaugural Club Chairman 1991-2000, AFC Hall of Fame, Australian Football Hall of Fame
2000Campbell OAM, Robert* Inaugural Board Director, Club Chairman 2001-2003
2000Sanders AM, Bill Inaugural Adelaide General Manager/CEO 1990-2001, Board Director 2002-2003, Club Chairman 2004-2008, AFC Hall of Fame
2003Basheer AM, Max SANFL President, Inaugural (Interim) Board Chairman 1990, Australian Football Hall of Fame
2006Bean, Di PA to CEO and Executive Administrator 1990-2006
2006Leahy, Rex*Club property steward 1990-2006
2007Goudge, Gary* Trainer 1990-91, Head Trainer 1993-2006
2007Sheppard, Alan Board Member 2001-2013
2008 Sando OAM, Dr. Brian* Chief Medical Officer 1990-2007
2009Downs, Barrie Team Manager 1990-2015, AFL Coaches Association Lifetime Award, AFL Jack Titus Award
2009Jaques, TrevorFitness Coach 1990-1996, Team Runner 1991-1993, Training Services Manager 1997-2006, Project Manager 2007-2009, Administration 2010-2015
2010Reid, John Club Football Operations General Manager 1995-2009, Chairman Heritage Committee 2017-
2011 Gerard AO, Robert No. 1 Ticket Holder 1997-2000, Patron 2001-
2011 Hurley AO, Peter Board Member & Director 2001-2014
2011 Sutton, John Board Member & Director 2000-2014
2011 Payze, Andrew 14 games, Inaugural Squad Member, Board Member 2001-2017
2011 Ballestrin, Maria Football Operations Coordinator 1990-2020
2011 Pilkington, Ann Football Operations Assistant 1990-2020
2011 Rutherford, Grant Chief Financial Officer 1991-2011, Financial and Special Projects Manager 2012-2015
2012 Trigg, Steven Membership/Communications Manager 1997-2001, CEO 2002-2014
2012 Whitford, Kevin Physiotherapist 1992-2017
2012 McAvaney, Steve Club Trainer 1990-2020
2012Carter, DarrylCrows Supporter Group President 1991-2015
2013Cornes OAM, Graham Inaugural Club Coach 1990-1994, Club Ambassador
2013Del Bono, VinceTrainer 1992-2005, Head Trainer 2005-
2015Norris, MatthewHead Massage Therapist & Senior Sports Trainer 1994-2017
2016Condon OAM, John Football Manager 1992-1998, Club Historian 2000-2021
2016Sutter, AdrianInaugural (Interim) Board Member, Board Member 1991-1996, Chairman Heritage Comittee 2014-2017, Chairman Crows Forever Foundation
2017Potter, Dr AndrewClub Doctor & Senior Doctor 1997-2017
2018Reid, Rob Club Recruiting Coordinator
2018Stewart, AlanSenior Recruitment Officer 2004-2017
2019Blight, Malcolm1997, 1998 Premiership Coach, AFC Hall of Fame, AFL Hall of Fame/Legend
2019Foord, Bob*Investment Committee 2008-11, Board Member and Director 2011-2017
2019Livingston, YvonneJoined the Crows Supporter Group in 1999, Fundraising and Events Coordinator for them 2000 -.
2020Chapman, RobBoard Member 2006-2007, Chairman of the Board 2008-2020
2020Craig, NeilFitness Coach 1997-1999, Assistant Coach 2001-4, Senior Coach 2005-2011
2020Moore, TerrySelector and Match Committee 1997-2003, player mentor, coterie host and member of Heritage Committee
2020Trewartha, AlanMatch statistician 1991-2021
2021Jim HazelBoard Member 2010-2021
2021Bob ShoolbreadMatch Statistician, Room Steward 1991-2014
2021Don Bailey*Match Statistician, Room Steward 1991-2014
2022Dr Steve Kennett Club doctor 1996-
2022Steve McCrystalOpposition scout, recruiting 1995-2021

* Deceased

Criteria for Adelaide Football Club Life Membership for players is 10 years of service and 100 games. For non-players it is at the discretion of the Board based on significant contribution to the Club over an extended period of time and will usually only be awarded once the recipient has retired.

The year shown is the year Life Membership was approved by the Board and not necessarily the actual year of ceremonial presentation of the award.