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Adelaide Football Club - Crows History Locker

Eddie Betts
Daniel Talia
Scott Thompson
Ben Rutten
Graham Johncock
Simon Goodwin
Darren Jarman
Tyson Edwards
Andrew McLeod
Matthew Robran
Tony Modra
Ben Hart
Shaun Rehn
Mark Bickley
Nigel Smart
Tony McGuinness
Chris McDermott
Mark Ricciuto


Played: 23 Won: 13 Lost: 10 Position: 4th


Adelaide bulldozed Richmond by 94 points in Round One to send a statement to the AFL – this team meant business. As the Club’s third season rolled on they earned their place in the eight and fought through to the preliminary final.

Across the first half of the season, Adelaide bounced up and down the ladder until back-to-back wins over Brisbane and Footscray steadied the side. The wins earmarked a run of six wins in seven games and following a 93-point win over St Kilda and a 139-point thrashing of Richmond, Adelaide hit fourth position on the ladder.

But with five games to play the Crows were not safe and two losses sent them out of the top six (at the time just six teams made finals). Adelaide held on, though, and wins over contenders Melbourne and Collingwood secured the first ever finals appearance for the Club.

Just like the Club’s first ever AFL game in 1991, Adelaide defeated Hawthorn in its finals debut – a 15-point win at the MCG. The Crows moved on to face Carlton but with a goalless second term and a final score of 8.20 meant too many missed opportunities proved costly in an 18-point loss.

Adelaide survived due to the finals system at the time and moved into the preliminary final against Essendon, the winner would play in the Grand Final. Adelaide started strongly and lead by 42 points at half-time. They could only kick two second-half goals, however, and the Bombers rallied to a thrilling 11-point win. One week later they lifted the premiership trophy.






R1Richmond28.112.12M.C.G.18473Sun 28-Mar-1993 2:08 PM
R2West Coast15.1112.14Football Park46258Sun 04-Apr-1993 5:38 PM
R4Fitzroy15.1315.12Football Park45671Fri 16-Apr-1993 8:38 PM
R5Melbourne9.1410.17M.C.G.17011Sun 25-Apr-1993 2:08 PM
R6Hawthorn12.1616.9Football Park46689Fri 30-Apr-1993 8:38 PM
R7Collingwood11.114.17Victoria Park25854Sat 08-May-1993 2:08 PM
R8N Melbourne19.918.13Football Park45562Sun 16-May-1993 5:38 PM
R9Essendon10.516.15M.C.G.34372Sat 22-May-1993 2:08 PM
R10Brisbane 18.1412.13Gabba12395Sun 30-May-1993 2:15 PM
R11Footscray15.178.14Football Park44979Sun 13-Jun-1993 3:38 PM
R12Carlton11.1124.12Princes Park21405Sat 19-Jun-1993 2:08 PM
R13Geelong16.1914.11Football Park46496Sun 27-Jun-1993 5:38 PM
R14Sydney18.1812.1S.C.G.13057Fri 02-Jul-1993 7:38 PM
R15St Kilda23.188.15Football Park46667Sun 11-Jul-1993 2:15 PM
R16Richmond26.154.8Football Park45109Fri 16-Jul-1993 8:38 PM
R17West Coast10.115.17Subiaco36081Sun 25-Jul-1993 4:08 PM
R19Fitzroy13.1615.9Princes Park8545Sat 07-Aug-1993 2:08 PM
R20Melbourne13.276.1Football Park46310Sun 15-Aug-1993 5:38 PM
R21Hawthorn13.117.13Waverley 26540Sat 21-Aug-1993 2:08 PM
R22Collingwood19.2117.9Football Park48522Sun 29-Aug-1993 3:38 PM
EFHawthorn16.1413.17M.C.G.55287Sun 05-Sep-1993 2:30 PM
SFCarlton8.213.8Waverley 59233Sat 11-Sep-1993 2:30 PM
PFEssendon14.1617.9M.C.G.76380Sat 18-Sep-1993 2:30 PM