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Adelaide Football Club - Crows History Locker

Mark Bickley: “Today is the culmination of a year’s work for some and six or seven years’ work for others, so it’s really a big day.”

Andrew McLeod: “I wasn’t thinking about the game or how well I was playing. I was too busy worrying about what was going on on the scoreboard.”

Ben Hart: “We knew if we just kept at it things would eventually turn, and our fitness has been fantastic this year and in the last two games it showed.”

Darren Jarman: “I felt I had to stand up in the last quarter and I was lucky … a few balls fell my way. I performed on the big day and did my job for the side. The last quarter was the best of my life and to do it on Grand Final Day is unbelievable.”

Nigel Smart: “It was supposed to be a rebuilding year for us. A lot of blood, sweet and tears have gone into getting this over seven years.”

Matthew Robran: “Amazing, wonderful. The feeling is indescribable. We’ve trained for nearly 12 months and all the hard work has come to this.”

Peter Caven: “I was pretty relaxed and the premiership win in unbelievable. It’s probably the best day of my life.”

David Pittman: “It’s pretty surreal at the moment. It’s a happened so quickly.”

Shaun Rehn: “I’m just so glad to get through the season, let alone win the premiership.”

Matt Connell: “It’s the ultimate feeling. It doesn’t get any better than this. It’s just the highlight of my life.”

Brett James: “I’ve never felt anything like it. I was lucky to get back into the side and then for the boys to put in a performance like that, it’s the best.”

Shane Ellen: “You’re not really meant to look at the scoreboard but I kept looking up at it in the last quarter and the time wasn’t going quick enough.”

Kym Koster: “I give the credit to Blighty, he was just incredible.”

Kane Johnson: “I never thought when I came over two years ago that I’d ever play in a premiership. Even playing this year was sensational, just unbelievable.”

Chad Rintoul: “It feels sensational, the best feeling I’ve ever had.”

Tyson Edwards: “No one expected us to win. No one even expected us to get to the Grand Final.”

Clay Sampson: “My highlight, apart from being part of a premiership, was getting picked.”

Aaron Keating: “My luckiest beak was Pitto (being suspended), otherwise I would never have been there.”

Rod Jameson: “It’s awesome. Unfortunately I didn’t take much part in the game (though injury) but to be there and see the way the boys really dug their heels in was marvellous.”

Simon Goodwin: “Ever since I was a little boy I just wanted to play in a premiership and to play in one in my first seasons is just a dream come true.”

Troy Bond: “This is the best day of my life.”